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Crowdfunding campaign is now open here: http://igg.me/at/microbot-push

How to install Push on light switch

Plug & play approach enables remote control on virtually everything and for everyone.

We made Microbot Push to be a fun & geeky device that offers the simplest way to connect everything you have to the Internet.

However, our idea behind Microbot Push is a much bigger than that!

Microbot Push can help the world’s largest minority

Did you know how many disabled people are there in the world? Before starting the campaign, we didn’t know the exact number either. The answer, according to the UN, is 1 billion. It may be shocking to learn that around 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability. But more unexpectedly to us was to discover that as many as 1/4th of people with disabilities reported that they often don’t have a choice and control over their daily lives.

Microbot Push can help them to regain some of that control back to their hands.

How does it help?


  • Easy plug & play installation enables remote control on every household appliance.
  • Microbots can be placed on devices temporarily and removed when patients condition improves.
  • Or can be kept there permanently.
  • Multi-user & multi-device support allows equipment to be controlled by both the patient and caregivers independently.

We are sincerely moved by all the messages and comments where people applaud our project saying that our product will improve their lives significantly.

Naran will work with National Rehabilitation Center in Korea

To bring even more awesome home automation and remote control experiences especially to people with special needs, our team partners with National Rehabilitation Center in Korea. Together, we will explore and learn new ways to use Microbots that can be helpful to as many people as possible.

The vision

Above is just an example of what’s entirely possible today. It is completely feasible to operate Microbot Push with only your thoughts if it’s combined with one of many commercial brainwave scanners. Most of the things we can image are not sci-fi stuff anymore. It’s just a matter of breaking the barriers between different technologies and bridging them together.

How can you help?


Support our campaign.
There are many ways how Microbots can be fun and useful to everyone. Surely, you can think of some for yourself! If we raise enough funding, we will be able to cover tooling and initial production costs so that we can bring Microbots to everyone.

Share with your friends.
Share Microbot Push campaign with people who might find Microbots useful. They deserve to know so we can make it happen together!

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