“There’s really no way to describe it [MicroBot Push] than to say — it’s a robotic finger”.

                                                                                                                                     — Mark Hachman, senior editor at PC World

MicroBot Push might look like a trivial device that does exactly what your finger can do, but is it? Underneath the hood, MicroBot Push hides rather sophisticated technology and features that you might not have known about. Let’s look at 5 advanced features of MicroBot Push that can be applied in real life situations.


1. Press & Hold

There are two ways how you can press and hold on a button remotely, just as if you would be manually pressing and holding it for a certain period of time (for example to reset certain equipment). First, you can use MicroBot Push mobile app — just press and hold a virtual button on your screen. Also, when MicroBot Push is paired with Prota you can specify the duration in seconds.


2. Inverted press

With the inverted press feature, you can push switches down and later pull them up if needed. However, you might need to DIY the final solution yourself. We recommend using Sugru® to temporarily glue the switch and Microbot together.


3. Sequence

Sometimes you need to push several buttons in a specific sequence. This is especially true when you want to program a house appliance for a particular task, let’s say a laundry machine, thermostat or dishwasher (or you can prevent your son from becoming a gaming addict by forcefully powering his computer one after he powered it one).

With Prota you can set up a sequence where “if Push A is pushed, wait seconds and push Push B” Note that from push to release  it takes around 2 seconds.


4. Reveal

Use this feature to find the specific MicroBot Push when you have many and forgot which one is which. Enter into the edit Push mode and tap on the name of the MicroBot that you want to reveal.


5. Calibration

Different buttons differ not only in shapes and sizes, but also travel distance. You can calibrate MicroBot Push and adjust the robotic finger to push exactly the distance needed to trigger the underlying function reliably. MicroBot Push will be smart enough to figure out this distance by itself (auto-calibration*), however you can still calibrate it yourself directly via the app.

*Auto calibration is coming soon to all MicroBots.


0. Fast assembling

Though it’s not a real feature — it’s an enormous feature for us.


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