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Microbots are coming, don’t leave your friends behind!

We are thrilled! The digital doors to our subscriber-exclusive Indiegogo pre-launch will open a few days before the public launch on November 9th. Have you already subscribed? If not — hurry up! All early supporters will be eligible to get a secret Indiegogo deal: $50 off the starter kit’s retail price. But wait, there’s more!

From now on, things get exciting!

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If you are already a subscriber, check your inbox. You should be able to find an email with your unique link. Share that link with your friends via email, Twitter or Facebook. You can earn 1 free Microbot Push for every friend who signs up and then supports our Indiegogo campaign by snapping up an early bird starter kit. This also means that if your friends subscribe before November 2nd, likewise they will get a $50 discount for the starter kit.

The more friends you invite, the bigger chance you have to get more Microbots!

Microbot Push Starter Kit

Don’t worry if you can’t find that email with a link or haven’t subscribed yet. You can still do it now! Go to https://prota.info. Submit your email address and you’ll be given your unique link on the spot. If you happen to lose your link, contact us at  or you can just type in your email address again to get your link on our website.

Happy sharing!

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