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What is Prota?

This is us. The Internet inspires us to make decisions and take actions.   This is our home. We live in times where our homes can take actions. Inspired by us. Enabled by the Internet.  First, actionable tools will...

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Double use case #3: Lock inside doors remotely and automate your vintage amplifier

Having a house party? Great! Just don’t forget to lock your roommate’s bedroom door if you don’t want to be responsible for laundering and replacing his sheets. Or if you guys have Microbot Twist,...

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DIY alternative to WeMo smart power sockets

Why you should make your own smart sockets? Because it’s fun and you’ll learn something new. Because you’ll be able to automate your home and do lots of cool things with it. Because it’s...

Can I haz a Microbot? #EndCatSlavery 0

The Internet is for cats. So why not the Internet of Things

Cats have been long working for humans by pushing buttons for them. We made the Push so your feline friend finally can get some rest. Your cat will thank you! #CatsNeedRest

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Use case #2: Turn on (even a modern) A/C just before you get home

Being able to turn on an air conditioner just before you get home has become an important selling point for many producers of smart electric switches (like Smart Things or WeMo). It surely feels nice to return to...

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Use case #1: Adding Internet to your coffee is healthier than sugar

There are hundreds of coffee makers and probably even more articles on how to make a perfect cup of coffee. In short it’s all about the coffee. If you choose good coffee beans, keep them fresh, use...

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Microbots: electronic minions not (necessarily) for the evil geniuses

Everything comes at a cost. The Internet of Things is no exception. Even connecting things to the Internet adds new features and looks futuristic, it also wants us to replace a lot of perfectly...

Prota connects Hue and Suprema to intimidate any potential intruder. 0

IoThings we like: how to use Philips Hue beyond the obvious

  Philips, being an established enterprise, pulled of something that would normally be done by a startup. They successfully pioneered a new technology that most people actually want. And we should applaud Philips for...

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Meet Push. A Microbot on your buttons

There is a lot of hype around the Internet of Things. Different industry analysts imagine different numbers of connected devices by the end of this decade. Though, all predictions have a thing in common...

Telephony also wasn’t always perfect, but look where we are now. 0

3 Reasons why the Internet of Things is a mess

1. It wants to change how you normally use things Many realized that the Internet of Things is here with the release of Philips Hue. And it was cool, it still is! We are...