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Prota Pioneer Membership is a program that helps us to find developers who’d like to beta test the Prota OS.

Beta testing is an essential part of software development, keeping that in mind we started Prota Pioneer Membership a year ago with the “Prota beta test event 2014″ for Raspberry Pi users. Since then we have more than 100 beta testers now!

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As we are about to release all new Prota Agatha, we are re-starting the Prota Pioneer Membership and would like you — developers and IT enthusiasts — to join it! Read through this article if you’d like to join.

What PPM members are doing?

– Are able to test new features of Prota OS before its official release.

– Give feedback to Naran about what already works well and what still needs improvement.

– Act as Prota evangelists and get rewarded for their hard work.


You will join the PPM group across multiple channels where we will announce latest news, release notes, beta apps and from your side you’ll be able to co-create content by posting suggestions. In addition to always stay in the know ahead of anyone else, you’ll be able to join Naran special events as VIPs. From now on Naran is planning to hold multiple even such as product discount promotions. About each and every event our PPM members will be notified by personal email.

We’d love to listen to your voice before we officially release Prota OS!



How can you join PPM?

– You should have a Raspberry Pi (unfortunately we cannot support other platforms for beta testing).

– You should have already used a trial version. We think that before joining our PPM users should have tried Prota at least once, so they know what to expect and give us relevant feedback.

– If you did above, please leave your email account here and we’ll get back to you!


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