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Smart Knock 0

DIY Alternative to Smart Door Bell (Smart Knock)

Most of us have been in a situation when somebody couldn’t get our attention because we were wearing a pair of headphones. It usually ends up fine as long as the attention seeker can...

Step 1. Make sure you have these items. 0

DIY alternative to WeMo smart power sockets

Why you should make your own smart sockets? Because it’s fun and you’ll learn something new. Because you’ll be able to automate your home and do lots of cool things with it. Because it’s...

Prota connects Hue and Suprema to intimidate any potential intruder. 0

IoThings we like: how to use Philips Hue beyond the obvious

  Philips, being an established enterprise, pulled of something that would normally be done by a startup. They successfully pioneered a new technology that most people actually want. And we should applaud Philips for...