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Waste no time when you are hungry. Pre-heat oven remotely. 0

Second use case of Microbot Push: pre-heat oven remotely

How long does it take to pre-heat an oven? Of course it depends on what will you bake. If it’s a pizza, then your oven should be heated up to 450F which takes about...

Microbot View snaps what's inside your fridge, so you can always check when grocery shopping. 0

#5 Use case: View as if you’re home away from home

  Microbot View can be combined with Microbot Sense to snap the inside of your refrigerator. This way you never have to guess what you do and don’t have when doing grocery shopping.

One Microbot Sense, many different uses. 0

#4 Use Case: one Microbot, many applications

Microbot Sense can wear many hats. For example, it can be used to turn on lights and/or music on ordinary days or to activate an alarm if abnormal noise, motion and vibrations are detected. Just letting you...

Lock your door remotely and automate your good old vintage amplifier. 0

Double use case #3: Lock inside doors remotely and automate your vintage amplifier

Having a house party? Great! Just don’t forget to lock your roommate’s bedroom door if you don’t want to be responsible for laundering and replacing his sheets. Or if you guys have Microbot Twist,...