As we are writing this update, the first batch of 100 MicroBots has left the factory and items are about to be shipped. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all of our backers and supporters, thank you so much for your great patience and cooperation. Very soon, you will be receiving your very own MicroBots at your doorstep, and we kindly ask you to share with us your first impressions and creative use cases!


Why we are shipping 100 MicroBots first?

We expect to fulfill all pre-orders within the next coming weeks. In order to minimize potential defects, we start small and increase the number of units in a batch as we eliminate more factors of defects and inefficiency. The next batch will be 300 units, 1,000 units after that, and so on. Our target capacity is 3k units per day. In fact, this is a typical process in mass production, and we heard from our manufacturing partner that some popular smartphone models would need 2M units per day or higher!

Please don’t panic if you’re not in the first shipping batch! We will try to ship all pre-orders in August.

Where is Prota S and when will it be shipped?

Prota S assembly process is planned to be finished within few coming weeks. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough throughput to assemble and test them simultaneously with MicroBots. We will ship them separately in September after the MicroBot production gets stable in August.

However, Sugru for all the Starter Kit orders are shipped with their MicroBots :)

What comes next?

When we ship out your MicroBot Push, we will send you an email with your tracking number. If your order contains Prota S, we will keep you posted on Prota S separately.

If you’d like to change your shipping address, have any questions or suggestions — please submit your request at Our support team will get back to you shortly!


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