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Prota Agatha at-a-glance


There have been many changes in Prota OS since its previous release. Let’s look at some of the most interesting of them.

1) The logo has changed.

We changed our logo which is now friendlier, yet still futuristic and conveys the creativity and passion for constant innovations. The rectangular shape is chosen to resemble the first generation of our Prota Box.

2) Brand new automation engine: Stories!

From our old Ambiency automation app we are moving to literature inspired Stories app. With Stories we’d like our users to create smart home experiences as if they would be writing a story where sensors and devices are regarded as characters weaved into a set of actions that serves their master — you.

Stories automation engine (alpha version).

Stories automation engine (alpha version).

3) New Prota is optimized to connect wirelessly.

No more cables. Prota is optimized to connect wirelessly.

No more cables. Prota is optimized to connect wirelessly.

Previous version of Prota required a wired LAN connection to connect to the Internet. From now you we are setting it free by adding a WIFI AP mode. It will enable users to connect to their home network wirelessly and change Prota WiFi SSID on the go, so Prota Box is always on the same network as users’ smart devices.

In addition, we’ve upgraded Prota first time launcher (FTL). When users will turn on Prota for the first time, they will be able to finish the whole setup process in a few easy steps at once.

4) Refreshing UI design.

Old Prota Shell has been replaced with Homescreen. We know most of you already liked the Shell, but the previous version was not optimized to show what smart devices are connected with Prota. This issue has been fixed with Homesreen — users can immediately see what devices have been recognized by Prota and add them to their automation stories.

New Prota Homescreen.

New Prota Homescreen.

Prota Homescreen.

Device Screen Mode.

Also when a particular devices is selected, users will be able to check their status instantly from a new Device Screen Mode.

5) New app development tool CIDE.

We are opening Prota to 3rd party developers by introducing CIDE development tool. CIDE (beta) will be deployed publicly in early 2016 and we will announce the exact release date as we go. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the know. We are very eager to let others test the limits of our system.

6) New Remote Access Service (RAS).

Before the Agatha accessing Prota outside one’s home network hasn’t been straight forward. This issue has been fixed in the new version. Let us introduce Prota Remote Access Service (RAS). With RAS smartphones or tablets now just need to access Prota from the home network once. Since that moment, users can visit their Prota from other networks without a hassle.

To make it more secure, accessing rights for any specific devices can be revoked at any time.

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