As some of you may know already, we are proudly working on developing the 2nd generation of MicroBot Push, with many improvements and great new features.
We’re very glad to announce today one of those amazing new features, the iBeacon feature!

What is a beacon?

A beacon is any object turned into a signal emitter that communicates to nearby smartphones via BLE as soon as they get in range, making a bridge between the physical and the digital world.


Beacons can be used in retail stores to communicate with shoppers on on-going promotions, for special pop-up events in a public area or to track goods precisely in the supply-chain industry.
But it’s also a great, although not common enough (yet!), tool for automation!

How does iBeacon for MicroBot work?

Once turned into an iBeacon, your MicroBot Push will be able to detect your iPhone as soon as you get in range of the MicroBot Push.
Notified of your arrival, your Prota can start all the automation workflows that you want to be triggered as soon as you reach home. iBeacon allows a hand-free accurate trigger for your favorite smart home automation.

Once paired to your Prota, your MicroBot can be turned into an iBeacon through the MicroBot interface of your Prota Space.
Simply maintain Press on your 2nd Generation MicroBot, then set its name and the range of the beacon. The iBeacon logo on the top right corner of the card then lights up to show it’s activated.

gif beacon

Setting up an iBeacon

The range defines the radius between your MicroBot Push and your iOS device in which the iBeacon activates. If you set it to 19m for instance, your MicroBot Push will recognize your phone as soon as you get close to 19m or less. If you link one or several automation workflows to that iBeacon, it will trigger your storyline*.

* A storyline is an automation workflow composed of a trigger (or event-story) and an action (also called action-story) that you can set up on Stories, the automation tool of Prota hub based on natural-language.

Another great element of the iBeacon is that it can be used as a secured beacon. Since your iPhone can read your fingerprint, you can define a secured iBeacon automation that is only activated when you authenticate using the fingerprint. Get in range, unlock your phone with the fingerprint, that’s it! Your secured automation is triggered.

fingerprint authenticate

This is a perfect way to increase the safety of specific automation storylines that are security-sensitive, for instance, if it opens your entrance door or turns off a security system.

How can you use it?

Turning your MicroBot Push into an iBeacon gives you so many great extra possibilities to make your home smarter and more automated.
Requirements: use a 2nd Generation MicroBot Push and an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) supporting the iBeacon technology.

  • Connect all your home’s lights via Philips Hue, WeMo and/or RF sockets and make them all turn on as soon as you get in range of your iBeacon & off as soon as you leave
  • Make your connected webcam to warn you via your Telegram Bot when it detects any motion, only when you’re outside of the iBeacon radius
  • Set your MicroBot Push on your alarm box, to trigger it off when you get in range and authenticate with your fingerprint (no need to type any password!)
  • Make your AC unit to turn on only when you’re at home by installing your MicroBot Push iBeacon on it’s on/off button
storyline ibeacon copy

Click on the visual to cite this storyline

The possibilities are limitless!

A special use guide for iBeacon will be released at the same time as the official launch of MicroBot Push 2nd Generation. Make sure to stay tuned!
MicroBot Push 2nd Generation is already available for pre-order at this address: https://prota.info/microbot/push2/

It integrates many improvements and new features that we developed thanks to your great feedback, which we will detail over the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.44.09 PM

Stay tuned!


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