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Creating stories

Cite – Import and use the shared automation Stories you love


Hi everyone,
Stories is the powerful automation tool of Prota OS that lets you connect a sensor-story (or trigger) with an actor-story in order, creating a whole storyline.
Storylines are the rules of your smart home (or smart office) that will run it automatically for you, executing actions based on pre-configured events. Those automation workflows are the heart of your smart home with Prota!


You might already have seen that Stories has recently experienced a small transformation. Let’s find out what!

Sharing your stories

We unveil today our new Stories feature called CITE (you are literally citing Stories of someone else). With the Cite feature, you can easily extract and share your storylines with other users. A simple URL allows you to share it, which the other user can open and import automatically to her/his Stories app.

The Cite feature has one goal: allow the creativity of automation of some of our users to be shared with all other users in a very simple way. Because automation is all about imagining a simpler and more intuitive daily life at home, sharing with others your ideas helps everyone get the most efficient and most adapted smart home experience.

Sharing a storyline is easy-peasy. Click on the Share button* on the top right part of your interface.

You can either directly copy and share the URL of your storyline or click on “I want to check” to edit the storyline to make it clearer for the recipient.


If you choose to edit your storyline, you can remove the personal elements (such as your email address, the name of your Telegram bot etc.) and write down a different text to indicate to the recipient what element (sensor/actor or event/action) should be placed at this spot. Once updated, you can get the URL for this updated version and share it


Navigate through each element and replace the personal parts by directions for the recipient

Once you click on “Publish”, you can get the URL for this updated version and share it with anyone you want.

 *Make sure to have Stories app updated to version 0.2.17051600 (or above) to access the cite feature

Citing stories

The recipient will only have to click on the link (on a device which has a Prota Space access granted) to “cite” ( import) it automatically into their Stories app.

flow import

Select your Prota / Let the citing process / Fill-out the missing elements

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite automation workflows to you Prota-users friends!
Don’t hesitate also to use this feature when you are blocked with an automation set up and needs our support.
Also, make sure to update your Stories app to be able to share and receive storylines.

Do-it-Yourself! Cite stories below

Click on one of the iages below to start importing its storyline in your Prota (the link must be opened on a device with granted Prota access):

story 1 copy

story3 copy

story2 copy

What else?

We’re working on many other features to be released soon. We hope to be soon releasing, our marketplace for storylines to allow Prota users to share their favorite storylines with any other user in the world.


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