Hi everyone!

Prota OS is a formidable tool that allows you to connect many different devices and services on the same platform and automate them all together. This amazing flexibility is brought by our various apps, each bringing a new feature and a more complex and intense smart home experience. From Slack to Philips Hue, On/Off switch and IFTTT, the broad variety of apps allows you to make your Prota S perfectly adapted to your own personal use.

Mastering your Prota OS apps is the key to successfully automating your daily life and making your home smarter!

So because apps are so essential, we just released on our support page 16 new step-by-step guides that will assist you on how to set up each app and give you tips for writing the best automation storyline for you.

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So what will you find in those guides?

1. How to configure/set up the app

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.32.42 PM
2. How it usually works

3. An example of automation storyline with a step-by-step guidance

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.33.43 PM

4. Related most frequent questions to help you clarify the last obscure points


We made those guide as accessible as possible so that anyone can get a hand on each app and fully understand the potential of Prota OS, whether you’re a confirmed automation expert or a newcomer in the smart home universe.

Let’s quickly review the available apps and what you can do with them:

  • ON/OFF: connect your RF socket or WeMo socket and let them turn on your lights and devices automatically when you come back home
  • Philips Hue: let your favorite connected light bulbs notify you when something happens and turn off when it’s sleep time
  • Telegram: create a bot that triggers your MicroBots, lights or any device with a simple message
  • Bluetag: let your Prota know you’re home with your smartphone’s Bluetooth, so that it can start running your favorite automation routines
  • Webcam: why bother buying an expensive smart webcam? Simply plug-in any webcam on Prota and make it your favorite surveillance system in no time
  • Slack: get notified of anything happening in your house via your office messenger platform
  • IFTTT: would you like connecting your Prota with more than 300 devices/services in three clicks? We thought so too!
  • Email: receive automatically a snapshot by email when your camera spots something
  • Volumio: turn your Prota into a wireless media center that will start your favorite playlist as soon as you reach home!
  • DLNA: plug-in your external driver to your Prota and access all your files remotely with this app

To demonstrate the flexibility and usefulness of Prota OS, we recently released an Instructable tutorial to let you create a very practical smart doorbell for less than $40. Check out the tutorial here to find out how to make it!


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