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Everything comes at a cost. The Internet of Things is no exception. Even connecting things to the Internet adds new features and looks futuristic, it also wants us to replace a lot of perfectly well working equipment, over-complicates life with new and ever changing usage patterns, not to mention that today’s IoT devices hardly account for multiple family members.

But we wouldn’t be a true startup without knowing how to fix it, right?

Ready?.. Here it is! Let’s replace all IoT with minions!!! Tiny yellow fellows will push buttons on your coffee machines, will do laundry and adjust your thermostats. And if you ever turn to the dark side, we’ve heard that they have some experience in building a doomsday device (or two).


We are basically making these, just in a different form factor.

Joking.. Sort of. We are actually working on a series of microbots that just like minions can do a lot of things for you. Microbots are mobile, wireless and battery powered devices that replace specific human actions.

Their sole purpose is to smarten-up up the home you already have without you buying a lot of expensive new equipment and without a need of complicated integration. Microbots are designed to work with your existing infrastructure and they don’t want you to change how you normally use things. Some of them even can recognize your family members.  And importantly, their use cases are compelling enough to compensate for a bit of extra complexity.


Here are Microbots that we have in our pipeline now:

Microbot Push. Just like your finger it can push most of your ordinary buttons.

Microbot Push your coffee maker’s button.

Example use case:

How many buttons are there on the best coffee maker? The Verge says one.  

“No wants to get lost in features and options and menus before you had your first coffee.” – The Verge

Simply adding Push on that button will save precious minutes of your morning sleep. No extra complexity. And if you snooze, thermal coffee jar can keep it warm for hours.

Microbot Twist is similar to Push. It can rotate most of your ordinary knobs.


Twist can rotate these knobs.

Example use case:

Adding Twist on your beloved vintage amplifier will integrate it into your smart home experience.

Microbot Scan is a mobile fingerprint scanner. Scan recognizes different household members. Also each finger can work as a secure button for user-defined tasks.

Microbot Scan knows who is who.

Microbot Scan knows who is who.

Example use case:

Consider the following scenario: you get to your smart home on Friday evening and you find that your teenage daughter has set the Philips Hue to be punk pink, speakers are playing everything Justin Bieber, not to mention a snow storm out of an air conditioner.. Yet you pour yourself a glass of wine, touch Microbot scan and watch everything go back to your own relaxing evening settings.

Microbot Bridge is an infrared remote control station that automates most IR controlled gadgets (turning them on/off, increasing decreasing volume, speed, etc.).

All of these air conditioners can be automated using the Bridge.

All of these air conditioners can be automated using the Bridge.

Example use case:

On a hot day Microbot Bridge turns on air conditioner just before you get home.

Microbot View. Records video and sound in real time.

Microbot View will work as eyeballs of your house.

Example use case:

Use it to secure your house or to know when children get home from school. Also check if that sneaky cat isn’t pressing any buttons without you knowing.

Microbot Sense makes a lot of sense out of the date it receives. It has 5 sensors in its arsenal: PIR sensor detects motion, ambient lighting sensor manages dimming and brightness, humidity sensor cares about your health, while noise sensors, well.., detects sound. All of this data can be mixed and matched to make your automation stories with Prota.

Microbot Sense will understand when someone knocks on your door and blinks your light bulbs, so you don’t have to stop listening.

Example use case:

Expecting guests but don’t want to take of your headphones. Set up a Prota story which tells Hue lights to blink if knocking sound is detected.

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