Hi Prota users!

The smart home market is an uncharted territory we’re so excited to be exploring. Because everything has yet to be thought, created and tested, our products can’t be perfect straight away and need constant improvement, mostly based on the feedback we gladly get from you all. We know our hardware and software is not without their bugs and limitations, and we want to reassure you that we’re making our best to improve as quickly as possible all existing inconveniences that we duly noted.

So we wanted to openly and honestly address you and tell you “we’re listening“!

Through our support contact and community posts, you’ve mainly expressed your issues about the following three elements


  • Bugs relative to pairing procedure between Prota and MicroBots
    • Pair now procedure accessed from Homescreen doesn’t work well
    • Wireless communication unstable between the devices

→ We’ve made many improvements on this subject and keep working on it intensively

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6.00.00 PM



  • Unstable power adapter issue (we’ve talked about it in our previous blog post)
    • Prota not booting
    • Turned off and never turning on again
    • Only blue or only red LED

→ To get back for not sending our hubs with power supply units, we decided to offer new ones at $1 for every Prota/Starter Kit customers. This $1 includes the shipping cost! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, contact us at Once we verify your purchase, we will ship out one power adapter without any shipping cost.


  • Issues with the First Time Configuration
    • Access link is invalid
    • “Oops” error on Prota Space app
    • Your Prota is said as “reconnecting” on the homepage of the Prota Space app/website

→ Those have been fixed in the recent update from a few days ago (if you haven’t done it, we highly encourage you to!).
→ Please make sure your mobile app, Prota OS, and all Prota apps are up-to-date.



(You can find the new version of Prota at Settings app)

Many features have been added with those bug fixes in the last release of our OS, so don’t hesitate to check the Prota release notes to see what’s new!



We also want to remind you that you can share any feedback or ask any question by contacting us on our support page in the “Submit a request” section or do a search in the same page to see what has already been answered by the community or discussed in a FAQ article.


We hope we will soon be able to bring you a more flawless and complete smart home experience.
Stay tuned!

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