We’ve noticed that some of you are having various issues with Prota S. The reported symptoms include :

  • when plugged in, Prota blinks in blue several times and either turns off or stays in blue forever
  • sometimes, Prota starts up successfully but never goes into the AP mode (either not blinking in red and blue or never shows up in the WiFi list)
  • when reset, Prota blinks in red almost forever
  • Prota never sends an activation link (= never connects to a WiFi network)

After a thorough investigation on this issue, we’ve discovered that this issue was not due to a defect on Prota S and that the culprit is actually none other than the power supply you’ve been using to power your Prota.

The little technical explanation

Prota S stops working when the voltage of its power supply drops below 4.9V. When charging a phone, it doesn’t really matter; the phone just stops charging. On Prota S, its protection circuit activates to prevent from any potential damage to its core components due to the insufficient voltage.

Even if it says 5V, some unstable power supplies fluctuate between 4.8V and 5.2V. This is why some of them are extremely dangerous in many situations (they can sometimes blow up!). Stable ones never go below 4.9V and never exceed 5.1V.

What’s the situation, boss?

Two possible cases:

  • You’re an Indiegogo backer or early supporter : we provided your Prota with a power supply in the box. It sadly turns out some of those power supplies were unstable and defects. It’s not the case of all of them, so if you haven’t noticed any issue with your Prota, you should be fine!
  • You’re part of the second batch of customers: we didn’t provide your Prota with a power supply, for the simple reason that it’s not allowed in some countries due to certification issues, and we didn’t want your order to be stuck in customs. So if you have encountered this kind of problem mentioned earlier, you’ve probably used an unstable power supply (which is unfortunately the case of many on the market). It can be working well to charge your smartphone, but not for your Prota.

The solution

We want you to have the best experience using Prota, and we know it can be difficult to find a good and stable power supply on the market (we have this problem too).

So what we propose is to provide you with a stable power supply that you’ll be able to order on our website for just $1 (including shipping cost) that we will send you as a gift (not as a goods). This, of course, provided that you’re not living in the above mentioned countries where the customs block the shipments of power supplies…

To get that stable power supply, we will contact you soon with the free shipping coupon¹ via email.
(If you didn’t receive any email from us even though you bought a Prota S, please email us to support@thenaran.com. We will email you in order of purchasing.)


¹ You need to use the provided coupon to get free shipping

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