We’d first like to thank you all for your support and especially for your patience! We have finally shipped out all pre-ordered MicroBots to their owners! If you have been expecting yours but not received a tracking number, please let us know. Make sure you completed the survey from our last email, because we marked all unanswered orders to be shipped together with Prota S.




If you have received your tracking number but it is still in the customs, please be patient once again as it can take from a couple of days to weeks. If there’s nothing wrong with your address, it will get to you eventually. We’re currently investigating why some cases take significantly longer than the others, and we’re guessing that the product is so new that the customs officers might be spending more time for inspection.


As for Prota S, we ran our first production line last week (the initial 100 units). We will run another production this week to produce the next 300 units.


Starter kit - what's in the box

There’re too many things happening at the same time, and truth to be told, we’re playing by ear a lot these days, so we can’t say everything is under control. But we are fully dedicated and working in good faith. We will make things better and smoother eventually. Please, bear with us and help us improve as we go.

Thank you so much for your support.


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