This is us.

The Internet inspires us to make decisions and take actions.

  This is our home.

We live in times where our homes can take actions.

Inspired by us. Enabled by the Internet.

 First, actionable tools will be needed.

Like these.

And you’d better have this.

Prota (5)

This is Prota.

It’s a personal server computer with an operating system for home automation.

1Prota merges popular web services with smart home devices.

 With Prota
you can control different aspects of your house manually.

For example, turn on/off lights in a browser.

Or you can set up automation stories just like this one.

Here Prota turns on this desk lamp

automatically whenever owner enters the room.

But there is more..

More apps, microbots and supported 3rd party smart gadgets.


we know that it is always more fun to try something yourself.

So we made this live demo with a video stream straight from our office.

You can try it now!

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