Are you passionate about creation and finding solutions to everyday problems?
Do you like to hack your way through an impossible situation?
Do you consider yourself a maker, a hacker, or you wish to take part in the maker world?

If you can answer yes to one of those questions (or even if you just want to be part of a great adventure), we have something that may very well interest you!

Prota Maker Contest

We believe smart home enthusiasts and makers are everyday forging a constantly more daring and innovative IoT world. From the idea of making home automation accessible to a greater number emerged both Prota S (the world’s thinnest smart hub) and Prota Pi (the Raspberry Pi-based smart hub running Prota OS). We want today to celebrate the creativity of our users by organizing a contest to reward the most surprising and innovative projects based on Prota OS.

The subject of this Prota Maker Contest will be: “Better living home & office experience with Prota OS”


Many Prota users have already used their creative skills to make their daily life more automated and efficient at work and at home. Regardless of the platform you use (Prota S or Prota Pi), and combined with whatever devices, components or materials you wish, show us your ability to create better living in the most creative & innovative projects. We’d love to see what are the surprising use case(s) in which you automate your home or office using Prota OS.


Here are some ideas of DIY projects to guide your creativity and show you the wide range of possible applications Prota OS offers:

  • Smart doorbell for $50 – link
  • Security monitoring system for $50 – link
  • DIY smart car system – link
  • Smart gate door using Ring, Alexa & IFTTT (see video below by user Tim Davis)

We also want this contest to be a great opportunity for Prota users to share as much as possible. We highly encourage you to use the Cite feature to share the storylines used in your project and let other users import those storylines to easily reproduce some parts of your project and learn from your experience. Sharing is part of what makes smart home a tool for “better living”!

How to participate and how to win?

Each participant must submit their project on the forum (LINK). Submissions must comply with the rules of the contest stated below. Submissions will be submitted to vote by users on the forum. Any registered user can vote. When the contest deadline is reached, votes will be counted. The 10 submissions with the highest number of votes will then be submitted to a jury vote held by Naran. The best 3 projects will be ranked from 1 to 3.


What are the rewards?

No great competition without great rewards!
Here are the prizes for the best 3 projects:

      🥇 = 1 Prota S + 1 MicroBot Push, total value of $139

      🥈 = 1 Prota S, total value of $89

      🥉 = 1 Raspberry Pi Zero + 16GB SD card, total value of $20

Those will help you automate even more your house and office and empower this burning imagination of yours!


The contest will run from July 6 2017 at 9:00AM (Korean Standard Time) to July 30 at 23:59PM (Pacific Standard Time).




Are you ready? Time to create!


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