There are hundreds of coffee makers and probably even more articles on how to make a perfect cup of coffee. In short it’s all about the coffee. If you choose good coffee beans, keep them fresh, use good water and avoid cheap filters, even your median machine will be able do an adequate job. Of course you can always experiment and try out more scientific methods in order to find what fits your personal taste better.

We don’t say that equipment is totally unimportant. Some coffee makers consistently brew good cups of coffee while others.. well just don’t. The Verge tested a bunch of them and surprisingly to their geeky nature chose Bonavita BV1900 which only has one button. No screens, no menus, no timers and no Wi-Fi, this time was all about the coffee.

Wake up! Coffee is ready!

Wake up! Coffee is ready!

So if you already happen to have a Bonavita or similar machine which taste you like, we suggest putting Microbot Push on its button. This way you will still get most fun of a adding a bit of Internet to your cup of coffee without a fear about it tasting differently.

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