Hi everyone!

We just updated both Prota Space and Prota OS to include many improvements we’ve been working on lately. Have you spotted them?

Quick recap.

30-Seconds Set Up

Configuration can now be done in only 30 seconds! Well, we’re getting closer to this. Once including all the required information, the activation will be processed automatically without the previously existing activation link. The device you’re using also get automatic access to Prota Space (no need to open the Access Link email), so once the configuration is finished you can directly use your Prota!

Click on 'Start now' to begin the automatic configuration

Click on ‘Start now’ to begin the automatic configuration

You can still use the Access Link sent to you by email after the configuration process to grant access to other devices (web browser, smartphone or tablet).

Faster and more reactive interface

We’re aware that the previous version of Prota Space was too slow to move from one app to another. We’ve greatly optimized the system so that switching from one app to another can be done in an instant, and this through the new version of the sidebar! Not all optimizations have been applied yet, but it will only get faster and faster (and more stable, too).


Prota Space app

The new sidebar

The sidebar can now be exposed by a simple sliding from left to right. It now integrates all your previously opened apps so that you can switch from one to another instantly! We’ve also integrated the “favorite” feature to let you create shortcuts to quickly go to your most used apps.


Switch from one app to another // Remove or favorite apps

Auto-upgrade of Prota OS

To make sure you’re never missing an update, we made Prota OS updates automatic! Updates will start automatically when Prota is booting (unless you manually start it in Settings) and be downloaded in the background to let you use normally your hub in the meantime (with an indication on the progress in the top right corner icon). It’s as easy as it gets!

Upgrade will now start automatically

Upgrades will now start automatically

‘Reset all settings’ button

Resetting can sometimes be useful without having to do a hard reset and go back to configuring your Prota. We’ve added in the Settings app a new button, ‘Reset all settings’, that lets you do just that.

Once the reset is done, you will be able to find Prota’s SSID in your device’s wifi settings. Configuration can be done as usual.

reset all settings

Find the ‘Reset all settings’ button in Settings app

Try using it next time you have some issues, as it might fix most bugs that are not fixed by a simple reboot. Of course, if the issue persists, don’t forget to contact us on support.prota.info!

New events and actions on Stories

We’ve currently working on adding new options of events and actions on Stories. Your automation will become even more complex and accurate!

The first added element is for the Slack app. You can now let Slack automatically upload a file on a channel of your choice. It’s great for you if you want for instance your webcam to upload its snapshots on a dedicated channel everytime a specific event happens.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.42.53 PM

What’s next?

– We will very soon add new servers in Europe and in the West and East of the USA to ensure you get the fastest and stable home automation experience possible!

– We’re working on adding native notifications to Prota Space, so that you can get warned via your smartphone that a new upgrade is available or that a storyline has been triggered. The best way to keep an eye on your smart home even when you’re away!

And much more that on which we will keep you updated in the weeks to come!

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