What a journey!

Only 2 years ago, we were announcing our project to create the MicroBots series in order to make your houses smarter, in the most accessible way. Less than a year ago, we finally started production of MicroBot Push and the first units reached our Indiegogo backers, to start the new adventure of retrofitting their house.

To celebrate its first birthday, MicroBot Push gets stronger and better with the new 2nd Generation!



The new generation of MicroBot Push hides great brand new features and improvements that make it even more powerful to automate your house and make your dumb appliances smart at a whole new level.

2nd gen main

Timer feature

MicroBot Push 2nd Generation integrates a timer that allows you to schedule a Push, Press or Toggle to happen on a specific day and at a specific time, or repeated on a regular basis.

No need to get your smartphone out or to even be physically present. Nor is it needed to have a Prota S or Prota Pi.
Simply open your smartphone app and set the timer you want!


The Timer feature is perfect to make your MicroBot automatically start your coffee machine every morning or start your laundry while you’re at work.

time feature shot

*feature not available on MicroBot Push 1st Generation

MicroBot made even smarter with the iBeacon feature

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.23.26 PM

A beacon is any object turned into a signal emitter that communicates to nearby smartphones via BLE as soon as they get in range, making a bridge between the physical and the digital world. The new 2nd Generation of MicroBot Push now integrated this breakthrough technology to make it even smarter.

Once turned into an iBeacon, your MicroBot Push will be able to detect your iPhone as soon as you get in range of the MicroBot Push. Notified of your arrival, your Prota can start all the automation workflows that you want to be triggered as soon as you reach home. iBeacon allows a hand-free accurate trigger for your favorite smart home automation.

Another great element of the iBeacon is that it can be used as a secured beacon. Since your iPhone can read your fingerprint, you can define a secured iBeacon automation that is only activated when you authenticate using the fingerprint. Get in range, unlock your phone with the fingerprint, that’s it! Your secured automation is triggered.


This is a perfect way to increase the safety of specific automation storylines that are security-sensitive, for instance, if it opens your entrance door or turns off a security system.


Works on touchscreens

We have improved Push’s calibration and its rubber tip’s grip so that you can also remotely press virtual buttons on any touchscreen. This includes any tablet, smartphone or touchscreen machine interfaces.

MicroBot Push can really press ANY button!

touch screen

*may not work on capacitive screens that require a high level of static electricity


Strong at heart!

We’ve completely redesigned the inside of MicroBot Push to integrate stronger and more efficient components.
Its gears are now more resistant than ever and will last even longer. It also became less noisy, to blend even more into your home’s environment. The connectivity module has also been updated to allow a better connection with your smartphone on a longer distance.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.24.06 PM


To prove its amazing enhanced abilities, MicroBot Push rolled up its sleeves (or rather its mechanical finger) and started a series of test. Needless to say, the results are impressive!

On average, MicroBot Push Generation 2 components are 15% more resistant to any sort of pressure.
If the terms tensile strength, elongation, flexural strength/modulus and impact strength do not scare you, you will find some interesting charts below!


Bluetooth connection has also been improved, with more than 10 meters of extra reach. We went out to get some fresh air and get you a concrete proof.

A brand new package

We have not only improved MicroBot’s inside. Its packaging has been completely reworked to make it clearer for any user what cool features it provides, what can be done with it and better instructions for set up.


What’s in the new box?

Here is the detail of the unboxing of the 2nd Generation and how to pair and use it.

We are very glad to announce that the production of MicroBot Push 2nd Generation has already started and that we will be able to start shipping the pre-orders in just a few days. Don’t wait to order yours by clicking on the link below!


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