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We’ve just released the new version of our MicroBot Push app. There are plenty of new features, improvements and bug fixes. So let’s have a quick look at what’s new!

Faster reactivity of Push and status notification

Thanks to our developers’ efforts, the app is now even more responsive than before. The latency has been greatly reduced and your MicroBot is now almost instantaneously triggered when tapping your phone. We’ve also worked on perfecting the notification message that now more accurately and more instantly defines the status of your MicroBot (pressed, pulled…), so that you can precisely know what’s happening when you’re far from it.


New modes for extended use

We added mode selection in the detail menu, which now let you choose between Normal, Invert and Toggle modes for your MicroBot.

  • Normal mode is the classical mode that presses and then pull.
  • Invert mode is the opposite of Normal mode. When you trigger MicroBot, it pulls and then presses. When idle, your MicroBot’s “finger” stays in press position.
  • Toggle mode is like a sequenced version of normal mode. When you press the button, it will only press or only pull.

To select a different mode, click on the three dots on the top right corner to access the edit menu. Scroll down to ‘Mode’ section and select the one you want to use.



Check out this video to see how the overall interface looks like.

Synchronize settings between MicroBot smartphone app and Prota

Once you’ve imported your MicroBots from Prota, your MicroBot smartphone app and your Prota Space will now be synched.
Each change in settings on the app will automatically be effective on Prota Space.


Notifications relative to connection issues

Once you’ve synced your MicroBot app with Prota, you will get notifications describing accurately the issue when there is a connection failure.


When your device is off, you will see this notification

When your Prota has lost connection with its WiFi network, you will see this notification

When your Prota has lost connection with its WiFi network, you will see this notification


Easily unlink your MicroBots and Prota with ‘EDIT MODE’

We’ve also added the possibility to remove the MicroBots previously paired to your app.
Simply follow those three steps.

remove MIB visual

Many bugs fixed

We’ve also integrated many bug fixes following your feedback, including the following

  • An issue that displayed a MicroBot as lost when its battery is critically low
  • App crash sometimes when uploading a background image for a MicroBot
  • A ‘fail to press’ issue due to conflicting update mobile app and not-up-to-date device firmware
  • The UI of the Sidebar has been improved and your MicroBot’s attached photo is now displaying well on the sidebar


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We hope you’ll enjoy this new version! You can find it right now on PlayStore and App Store.


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