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As you probably know, last week was the 2017 edition of CES in Las Vegas. A great opportunity for us to meet all press and professionals from the tech industry, but also many of our users from which we always  learn a lot from. Thanks a lot to everyone who visited our booth!



We were excited this year to unveil our newest features of Prota OS, including a powerful AI that will make your Prota S an even more incredible product! Here is a quick peak on what we showcased during CES.

powerful-ai-features 2

Speech Assistant, the smart home at voice reach

Speech Assistant is the new impressive feature of Prota OS that allows it to recognize and analyze voices and sounds and integrate them into your daily automation workflows. By simply adding a microphone to your Prota S smart hub, you will now be able to use voice commands to trigger any automation stories, for instance, to turn on your lights or to trigger your MicroBot Push!

Speech Assistant also precisely recognizes your voice from external sounds and can transcript what you say into text.

You can check out this video to see more in detail how it works

Of course, the possibilities are almost endless! You can set up a story that will react to your question about the weather, and Speech Assistant will display the local weather. You can decide to get specific news or trigger any particular device via the right voice command.

Speech Assistant key features

  • Text transcription
  • Automated text response based on voice command through stories app
  • Automated action based on voice command through stories app
  • Distinguish voices from surrounding sounds
  • Only need to plugin a microphone to Prota S

Image Analyzer, let your Prota analyze the world for you

Image Analyzer integrates visual recognition to your Prota S innovative features. With any webcam (smart or not) connected to your Prota S, you can now let your favorite smart hub analyze its surroundings and alert you when it detects specific elements.

Let say you install your camera in front of your door or window at home to be used as a security system, you can then set up your automation so that when your cat walks around nothing happens but when a human presence is detected during unusual hours, Prota S will directly send you a report alert on your smartphone via Telegram with the visual.

Image Analyzer also integrate a very cool feature that allows you to save all your business cards into text on your smart phone or Google Drive. To start the business card visual analysis, simply show the camera a business card or even simply email yourself the image and Prota will do the rest! No need to look for hours to find your business partner’s contacts, Prota saves it for you wherever you want!

Image Analyzer’s uses are limitless and you can use it in many smart automation stories. You can, for instance, make Prota turn on the lights when the camera recognizes you or when anyone enters the house. Placed facing your pet door, you can live-monitor its movements and receive reports from Prota via Telegram messages to know if it went for a walk while you’re out of the house. You can even set up an automation so that when you show the camera your car keys it automatically triggers the MicroBot Push that will open your garage door for you!

Image Analyzer key features

  • AI environment analysis
  • Distinguish humans from pets and objects
  • Prioritize visual elements to better analyze movements and changes
  • Trigger automation rules based on the presence of specific people/objects
  • Transcript all your business cards into text
  • Only need to plugin a webcam to Prota S + compatible with most smart cams


With its new ears and eyes, our Prota S smart hub is getting tremendously smarter and will allow you to develop even more sophisticated automations at home or at your office!

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