Hi everyone!

It’s the end of a very eventful and enthusiastic year for us and we hope you also had a great one! Here are some recent news we wanted to share with you while we’re wrapping up 2016 and starting the new year.

Improvement of support


We’ve recently released the translated versions of our support page to make it more accessible to non-English speakers. It now covers Korean and Japanese. To switch to another language when on the support page (or any FAQ article), simply click on the top right corner.

Korean translation

Korean translation

Japanese translation

Japanese translation

English version


2016 has also been a great challenge in terms of customer service, with the shipping of our Indiegogo backers’ products and then the beginning of commercialisation on various online platforms throughout the world. We were a bit overwhelmed by the requests at first (maybe you had to wait a bit to get your answers in which case we’re truly sorry!) but we’re now handling this and support issues are usually answered very quickly. 2/3 issues are now answered in less than a day and more than 70% of you feel satisfied by our help.

We’ve also increased the number of FAQ articles to make sure you can quickly and easily find any answer to your basic questions. Those are the top three article by view:

  1. How to reset MicroBot Push
  2. How to reset Prota S
  3. Prota S LED status meaning

We already wrote 100 FAQ articles that should cover most of your issues and more are planned to come.

Note that customer support will be our priority in 2017 and that we will make all the necessary to answer every inquiry in a matter of hours and the most efficiently possible, while of course making sure to fix those issues before they’re happened by constantly improving our apps, products, and processes.

Please find below our latest blog articles, in case you missed them.


1. Enhanced automation with IFTTT

IFTTT is our partner that let you create genius “applets” that link two services or devices together on a trigger/action system (if this then that). It’s the perfect glue of the IoT, the tool that helps you automate your home in few easy steps and the perfect complementary element for MicroBot Push and Prota. With IFTTT, your MicroBot Push can be triggered by the many web services supporting IFTTT while Prota’s great features can be combined with any smart device you might have at home.

At our office, we’re using IFTTT to automatically call the elevator (with a MicroBot Push on the button of course!) when we open the exit door or combined with Amazon Alexa to turn on the lights, change the music level or open the blinders (like in the video below).


Go check our advanced guide on how to use IFTTT where we explain step-by-step how to set up your first IFTTT applets with MicroBot Push and give you great ideas of things you can automate with it.


2. Sugru, the magical glue that makes MicroBot Push even more amazing!

We’ve also partnered with Sugru, the moldable glue that let you attach your MicroBot Push on any material and any surface. While it’s soft and flexible when opening, it becomes very strong and resistant once dried and makes sure your Push won’t move a bit.

So it’s the perfect element to fix your MicroBot Push to tiny and/or slippery surfaces like a remote control or fix it upside down on a beamer or an AC unit.

sugru overview


Each Starter Kit include 3 packs of Sugru to help you get the best out of your MicroBots.

Here are 5 tricks to enhance your MicroBot Push with Sugru


3. The latest trends in IoT

2016 has been a very busy year for the IoT/smart home world! Many major products have been released, the existing ecosystems have been extended and overall the smart home is getting more accessible. We’ve wondered if 2016 was the year of IoT and decided to talk about it in a previous blog article that you can find here.

What’s certain is that Naran will try its best to be a big part of making 2017 a step further into the smart home with our new products and Prota features!

We hope that 2017 will be a fruitful year for you. For us, it starts on the fast tracks with CES 2017 starting in a few days!
See you soon!

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