Dear automation enthusiasts!

If you’ve been interested in home automation for some time, you might have heard about our partner IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for if this then that, it’s basically a platform that connects several web-services and smart devices together through workflows, with the idea that one device/service should activate another considering a set of pre-configured conditions.


IFTTT is a great feature of our Prota hub because it gives you access to tons of things and services that can be automated together with the appliances that you connected with MicroBot Push. The list is constantly growing and includes:

  • Smart Appliances (GE, LG, Samsung)
  • Smart Devices (Netatmo, WeMo, Nest, August, Withings,
  • Connected Cars (BMW, Tesla)
  • Wearables (Fitbit, Jawbone, Google glass)
  • Web services (iOS and Android services, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter)

The more you combine devices and services together the more endless, complex and surprising are your automation possibilities getting.

Use cases

In the office for instance, we use IFTTT for many automation workflows.

– Saying “blinders up” to Amazon Echo triggers the MicroBot Push set on the blinder’s remote control
– Saying “elevator” to Amazon Echo triggers the MicroBot Push that calls the elevator to our floor
– On weekends, our webcam connected to Prota takes a snapshot and IFTTT saves it on Drive
– When one’s arriving at the office (based on Android location), one’s Philips Hue desk light turns on

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As you can see IFTTT is very flexible and let you set up all possible automation you might need.
You can go visit our channels on IFTTT for MicroBot Push and Prota to find more ideas of cool applets you can use.

Click here to find more about our channel for Prota
Click here to find more about our channel for MicroBot Push

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.34.43 PM


Below is an example of how our office blinder’s automation looks like

Because it’s such a great tool you really should use to make the most out of your smart home system, we made an advanced guide to help you set-by-step on how to set up IFTTT and combine it with your favorite button pusher and smart hub. Home automation won’t hold any secret from you anymore!

↓ Click here ↓

advanced guide

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