Hi users!

Our awesome dev team is working super hard to provide you with the most simple, intuitive and flawless experience for your Prota S and MicroBot Push. Today, we have some major bug fixes and some cool new features to announce!

“Import from Prota” feature

You can now control all your MicroBot Push paired with your Prota S directly from the Push app.
Simply click on the + button and then on “Import from Prota” to import all your synced MicroBots to the Push app.


Click on Import Prota


Open Push app and click on +


All Prota synced MicroBot can be imported






That way, you don’t need to use the Prota app to trigger your MicroBots anymore.

Autodetection of MicroBots in Prota app

To make the pairing of your Prota with MicroBots easier, we improved the connectivity between the two so you don’t have to scan MicroBots manually in order to add them. All your MicroBots will now be automatically detected automatically, to make pairing easier and faster!

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.52.19 PM

You will automatically see this alert on your Prota space


Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.52.42 PM

Click on “Pair now” to start scanning

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.52.58 PM

Pairing is preparing for the detected MicroBot

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6.00.00 PM

When pairing is ready, you just need to press the MicroBot that follows the same color pattern

“Massive mode” feature

In the next few weeks, we will release the “Massive mode” (sounds cool, right!), that will now allow Prota S to support an unlimited number of MicroBots connected simultaneously (previously limited to 10). The perfect feature for the automation maniacs!




Bug fix – disappearing MicroBot and Prota

Some users experienced a bug on iOS apps which made MicroBots and Prota to disappear even after a successful pairing. This was due to app storage management on iOS, the system trying to delete all cache data when low on storage space. We changed the system to make it permanent and non deletable as previously.

Keep your Prota OS up-to-date!

Finally don’t forget to get the last update for your Prota OS, which you can easily install by following those simple instructions


Also, you can find many articles to solve your issue with our products at here.


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