We had a lot of issues to resolve from the first batch. When it comes to plastic molding, you have to deal with all kinds of defects at every stage; short shots, burrs, weld lines, sink marks, mold marks, warps, bending, twisting, cracks, flow marks, silver streaks, zetting, … to name a few. The gears have taken the issues to the next level, but we are quite happy with the final results at the moment.

Today, 300 more units have been prepared and shipped out to our logistics partner, and this time, these have been produced from a full assembly process. Throughout the first batch, we had set out thresholds for various defects, done some serial code mapping for tracking, trained the assembly workers, and so on. We think we are ready to scale to larger quantities, so the next batch will be 2k units.




As announced before, Starter kit buyers will receive their MicroBots first and will also be able to find a pack of Sugru in every box as well. You will find it very useful :)

Final inspection


Waiting to transfer…

Thank you all for your contributions

And thank you for your patience! At this rate, we will be able to produce all pre-orders by next week. Stay tuned for more updates!

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